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I started cosplaying in 2004, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

I really love making costumes and clothing, and I'm always finding more and more that I want to do with this hobby. I try very hard to remain true to the spirit of the characters I cosplay and recreate them as accurately as I can. I always enjoy meeting new people, so please don't hesitate to say hi!

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Dessi_desu says, "AHHHHHH! I was actually wondering if anyone would make use of these trees for photos and it's so perfect with your Cinderella *A*"
For Cinderella from Cinderella
Fire Lily says, "Aw, thank you both!! <3"
For Princess Lily from Legend
Imari-chan says, "I love this so much! And agreed she is the best librarian ever XD"
For Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy
Mirai Noah says, "So wonderful!"
For Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy
Ambrosia says, "Tek and I can't get over how cute you are in this! Such a beautiful job!"
For Princess Lily from Legend