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Hey there! Aside from being a cosplayer, I'm a huge animation/illustration nerd and draw for Disney as my job!

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yeka says, "Hooray! I was so excited to see a .hack// cosplayer featured this month! Love your Bo!"
For Bo from .hack//GU
Fire Lily says, "This is such a fantastic costume! I love the fabric choices. Such a perfect HT Sora!"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts
KuramaBabe says, "Absolutely LOVE that you did it in the calligraphy style <3 Stunning!"
For Princess Fuse from Okami
hezachan says, "This is so wonderful! Age-swap Chibiusa is my favorite thing EVER. Love the wig!!"
For Super Sailor Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon Super S
hezachan says, "I love your wig so much! You look so cute as Chibiusa :D"
For Chibiusa / Rini from Sailor Moon R