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Hey, I'm Beth and I've been cosplaying since 2001 & was the founding VP to the Upstate New York Cosplay Society in 2004. Lesee... I studied Fashion Design at Philadelphia University, and am currently an Assistant Designer in NYC.

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Ryoko Dono says, "Thank you!!! I had so much fun with it! "
For Macaron from Sakizou Artworks
Lumenesca says, "The macaron headband is CUTE AS HELL. :'D"
For Macaron from Sakizou Artworks
Ryoko Dono says, "Hi Inimbi! So sorry for the delay! I borrowed a body suit pattern from a friend, made a mock-up in the actual fabric (spandex, from Spandex House, in NYC. You could use scrap fabric for the mock-up, but make sure it has a similar stretch as your actual fabric), altered the pattern for fit, and went from there! The boots are boot covers, sewn on to a pair of shoes. Gloves / belt are made from the same material. The gloves were SUPER tricky-- you might want to find gloves that you could alter, to start. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions! Good luck! "
For Hawkeye / Kate Bishop from Marvel Comics
inimbi says, "How did you make this, if I may ask? I want to cosplay Kate but I've never cosplayed before and don't know where to begin."
For Hawkeye / Kate Bishop from Marvel Comics
Ambrosia says, "YOOOO that wig looks amazing on you! Kinda sad I didn't see you in this, it came out great!"
For Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena