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My name is Yaya and I've been a cosplayer since July 1999. I made all the costumes seen in this Potfolio and I hope to add many more outfits in the future! Since the beginning, this hobby has been a constant learning process and a great outlet for my creativity. For more info about me and costuming gallery of sci-fi and original source, check out my website above.
(Btw, most of the costume info is either missing or incomplete.. I'll work on that when I have the chance ^^;)

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smzeldarules says, "I had no idea you cosplayed as Ayumi!! SURREAL was and is always going to be my favorite song by her! I plan to make this one day, and now that I found out that you did it before too I'm even more motivated!! ^o^ (she's been my favorite singer for almost ten years now!)"
For Ayumi Hamasaki from Recreation: Celebrity
theonlyangel77 says, "I hope you bring this to Katsucon so I can snag a photo!!!!!!! **im bringing Harley**"
For Catwoman from Batman: Arkham City
theonlyangel77 says, "its really nice to see the up close details, sadly I didn't get to see you in person but for a second on stage for the cosplay. I'm glad you posted this photo!"
For LeBlanc from Granado Espada
Patastrophic says, "How I'd love to be your Wesker"
For Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4
PhantomAri says, "I really can't get over how fantastic this was in person! You really had a presence on the gazebo floor :D"
For LeBlanc from Granado Espada