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Hello~! I'm Aikoe/Lu. I've been cosplaying periodically since 1999, and at cons since Ohayocon 2001. I started seriously, obsessively, money-drainingly cosplaying for Ohayocon 2004, and have barely stopped since. I've made 10+ costumes to date and have 15 in various states of unfinished @____@. I also make costumes for my two ball-jointed dolls on occasion and staff two conventions.
I'm in college, so unfortunately I currently have very little time or money to go to cons. I'm doing my best, but with goings-on in the "real" world (xD) my number of costumes turned out in a year is spiraling down towards zero. X____X I'm heading to school in Japan next year, so maybe you'll see me at a Japanese con~?
Feedback is appreciated!

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Duelistbluerose says, "I saw you at otakon and took a pic of your fin fish costume! I didnt think it was bad. I mean, cosplay is hard..... and expensive. no one looks like the exact person on tv, its actually not possible. its all in good fun! ^_^"
For Fin Fish from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Miri says, "Very cute indeed, nice work! :D"
For Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2