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I've been cosplaying a long time, and enjoying it ever since! I signed up for this site a loooong time ago, but have been horrible about updating... ^^;; I'm finally just about caught up now {20something costumes later XD}
Anyways, I'm generally shy, but I always like meeting other cosplayers. It's a ridicilous hobby, but keeps me outta trouble ^_~

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Patches says, "Ahh I didn't realize you did this costume!!! <3 <3 <3 <3"
For I-No from Guilty Gear XX
mourir says, "Your horns for her are so perfect!! I really admire them!"
For Aradia Megido from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
Kotodama says, "AHH YOU GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE *_*"
For Suzy Q from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Ammie says, "I remember seeing this at AN the year you wore this. I really love the squishy shadow arm you made! You are one of the best blood Seras' out there for sure!"
For Victoria Seras from Hellsing
Avahlyn says, "For this costume, what did you use for the white part of the outfit? Or where did you buy/get it from, I have looked everywhere for a white jacket with no zip and can't seem to find one and yours is by far the best looking cosplay I have seen yet :)"
For Shia from Pita Ten