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Hello everybody! Hanyaan here. I'm a California cosplayer (although you'll occasionally see me pop up at random not-California cons because I love to travel and meet people). I love cosplaying from my favorite series and meeting other fans. Feel free to say hi if you ever encounter me; I'm always happy to talk or share costuming tips!

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fataleflare says, "Cutee! Both of you look stunning. :D"
For Johnny Joestar from Steel Ball Run
Patastrophic says, "Rero rero rero rero rero rero rero~!"
For Noriaki Kakyoin from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Patastrophic says, "Yes! Narancia! I'm expecting a photo of you doing his point-and-laugh taunt from All Star Battle in the future. "
For Narancia Ghirga from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Patastrophic says, "ASB has helped me develop and even greater admiration for all your Jojo cosplay, but I especially love seeing more Doppio. "
For Vinegar Doppio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
UsagiHime says, "Amazing!"
For Lisa Lisa from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure