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The following events have been linked to this convention.

Event Name Location
Kill la Kill @ Otakon 2014

This is a placeholder page for all Kill la Kill activities with Aniplex at Otakon 2014. For now we are just doing a gathering, but there may be other events that require cosplayer help announced.

This will take place at the Aniplex booth, day and time TBD
Nisekoi @ Otakon 2014

Aniplex has requested some Nisekoi cosplayers to help out at the booth - there will be a small event to see which girl has the more fans.

This will take place at the Aniplex booth.
Mahouka @ Otakon 2014

We have confirmed with Aniplex that they want some representation from Mahouka for Otakon. More details to come soon!

This will take place at the Aniplex Booth and various panels.
Oreimo (Ayase Only) @ Otakon 2014

We are looking for an Ayase cosplayer to accompany Hayami Saori for any Aniplex-related panels or autograph sessions.

This will take place at different panel rooms and autograph sessions.
Project HS @ Otakon 2014

In honor of Hayami Saori of being a guest at Otakon, we're going to see if we can assemble a team of cosplayers for all the roles she's done with Aniplex titles!

This will take place at the Aniplex Booth and various panel rooms.
Psycho Pass @ Otakon 2014

FUNimation will be promoting the re-airing of Psycho Pass this season by having custom badges printed for attendees, and we need cosplays to help!

This will take place at the FUNimation booth the entire weekend
Sailor Moon (ORIGINAL SERIES) @ Otakon 2014

East Coast Sailor Moon fans, Viz has not forgotten about you! They have decided to bring their Sailor Moon activities to Otakon, so we need cosplayers to help! PLEASE READ THE VOLUNTEER INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING.

This will take place at the Viz booth and various panels and autograph rooms.