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Wigs > Unknown > Short Layered
Wig Information
Most Common Characters using this Wig
  1. Kurusu Shou (4)
  2. Sakura Kinomoto (3)
  3. Kaoru Hitachiin (3)
  4. Kiryuu Yoshiya / Joshua (2)
  5. Sakura Haruno (2)
(157 costumes use this wig)
Wig Name
Short Layered
Fiber Type
Wig Length
Wig Style
Recent Reviews
  1. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by donniedont

    The wig was extremely cooperative. I can now go down in history as the person who put some glue in his wig, shoved it in a bag, and pulled it out the day of and was happy with the results.

  2. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by Mehdia

    When I started looking for a wig, I couldn't find anything in a longer style that suited Rogue, and I didn't want to, nor did I have time to, dye one properly. I came across the cool, choppy, short wig and thought it felt like a style Rogue would go with.

  3. Rating 3 / 5.00

    Reviewed by amande

    NEVER. AGAIN. DX Had to restyle it so many times and trim off a lot of excess hair for it to be lighter and easier to manage. Glad it turned out as well as it did. orz

  4. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by Mehdia

    I actually use this wig for Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It was there, worked for the costume, and so I put it to use.

  5. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by Frauggie

    Still flippable for that scene in the first ending, and an all-around comfortable wig.