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I'm Jez Roth/Jezeroth! East Coast cosplayer now located in Las Vegas!
I've been cosplaying for about ten years, love crafting/sewing - work as a costumer for Cirque du Soleil and make costumes all over Vegas. I especially love Japanese Street Fashion, particularly Goth Loli/Aristocrat stuff. I'm usually with fluffy designs with an occasional monster costume or something off the wall. Most of my costumes are video game related with the occasional Anime/Manga series or doing some original work. I have a lot of client work that I do for gigs and things of that nature that I'm only going to be posting on my website. So around mid-February, be sure to check that out! Beauregards!

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Twinkly_Keepers says, "Wow! Beautiful!"
For Subaru Sumeragi from X/1999
Musouka_Ningyou says, "Awesome costume! I never thought I'd see an Irwin cosplayer! <3"
For Irwin from Legend of Mana
Ashbrie says, "Oh my god, you are awesome!"
For Elazul from Legend of Mana
blueblacksky says, "Wow. I didn't know you cosplayed Elazul. Freaking awesome."
For Elazul from Legend of Mana
Dark_Wings says, "YES! Your Elazul is amazing! I am so glad someone cosplayed from Legend of Mana so well!"
For Elazul from Legend of Mana