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Hi Everyone,

I've now been to 6 Cosplay / Anime Conventions and I Love every minute of them. At my first convention (Youmacon 2009) I wore my first Cosplay outfit of a Lt Commander from the original Star Trek series. I was wearing a "Spock" shirt but many people thought that I looked like Cadet Dr McCoy from the latest Star Trek movie. I got a lot of attention and many people took pictures of me. I was first surprised and then very happy. That first convention got me hooked on Cosplaying. I have had a great time going to other anime / cosplay conventions and it's like walking into a another world. My first Anime Cosplay was a lot of fun to come up with. It's Syaoran from the "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles". As time has gone on I have watched more and more anime series and can't seem to watch enough of them. I'm an amature photographer and for me it's a photographers dream come true for Cosplayers to pose for me. If you're curious you can check out pictures that I took at the cons that I have visited at Cosplay.com (Same profile ID - Smithers456). I now have a DeviantArt Page so please check it out at: http://smithers456.deviantart.com/ Since being a member for over 7 months it's become my main site. Feel free to check it out often for new photos, critiques, and journal entries. When I create new Cosplay outfits I will showcase them on this website.


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smithers456 says, "I can't wait to show off my first "true" Anime Cosplay outfit of Syaoran. I added functional goggles and a much better wig. This outfit is all set to go on an actual Archaeology dig. :) "
For Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Ammie says, "Star Trek is soooo FANTASTIC!!! I love the classic uniforms too!! You look great! I hope to see more Star Trek costumes from you XD"
For Lt Commander from Star Trek