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Hello everyone! I'm here to meet people! So feel free to message me ^^

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

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yeka says, "Ahhh I remember this costume - you are such a fantastic Ovan!!"
For Ovan from .hack//GU
SailorAnime says, "Oh, man! These photos turned out amazing! Great job on the cosplay too! :3"
For Ike from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SailorAnime says, "Oh wow, this looks amazing!"
For Zombie Ryuma from One Piece
kapalaka says, "Great job on your Wakka, you look awesome! All the more impressed that a guy sewed his own costume, YAY! :D"
For Wakka from Final Fantasy X
SailorAnime says, "Yes! Looks really good! :)"
For Wakka from Final Fantasy X