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I'm Evan, although I go by the alias "Earthbounder" (and "Manly" Kittan) for cosplay.

I'm 24 years old and living a simple life of work, gaming and cosplay.

My main hobby (other than the obvious) is wasting my life away on games.

But as far as the hobby that actually matters here goes. I've been cosplaying since Anime Los Angeles of '06 and sewing my own costumes since ALA of '07. I cosplay because I love the hobby and the ability to run around as characters that I'm completely enamored with, while (hopefully) making fans of the characters happy at the same time.

I'm looking forward to many more years of cosplaying to come and hope to meet many more amazing and interesting people along the way.

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Lunatizh says, "how did you made the saber with real light???"
For Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes
Lunatizh says, "Hey bro awesome work! gotta say is the best Tsubaki MK-III I've ever seen! Just one thing, could you upload any blueprint or photo from the top of tha japanese letter? is for making my own Tsubaki MK-III lol again, awesome work!"
For Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes
Aqua's Rhapsody says, "Aw you make a really good Gene!"
For Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star
shadownet752 says, "Very cool! its perfect! "
For Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes
slightlysalted says, "You make a great Hazama! Your costume is fantastic, and I love your props (including the Ouroboros that you had~). Really amazing~~"
For Hazama from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger