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YO! I'm Heero, I've been cosplaying since 2003 but since I've missed a few cons in between I feel like I'm just really getting into it.

I like playing Video Games, watching Anime, Reading Manga and of course doing cosplay!! :D
I also like Martial Arts, though I enjoy Kyokushinkai Karate mostly.

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cherryteagirl says, "awesome cosplay! love the keyblade!"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2
jessiedehwoarang says, "hiii i like you cosplay heheh bye bye mmm do you will make the cosplay of rock howard costume b on kof maximun uimpact???"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2
bunny.jack says, "wow awesome cosplays ^_^"
For Jet Enduro from Wild Arms 3
Imari-chan says, "Great work! Nice to see this cosplayed already. :D"
For Edge Maverick from Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
jessiedehwoarang says, "I LOVE YOU COSTUME AND I LOVE TO ROCK HOWARD mmm i make the version of garou mark of the wolves mmm this costume have a litle diferences (mmm in the versions of both videogames) mmm i will like so see my costume and see this diference (mmm excepy so i do"
For Rock Howard from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact