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Convention Database
Welcome to the ACE Convention Database - here you can find information on different conventions that ACE members have gone to. If a convention hasn't happened yet, you can find out who is going and plan photoshoots.
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Name Category
Sabaku Con Anime/Manga
Saboten-Con Anime/Manga
Sac-Anime Summer Anime/Manga
Sac-Anime Winter Anime/Manga
Sac-Con Anime/Manga
SaikouCon Anime/Manga
Sakura-con Anime/Manga
Sangawa Project Anime/Manga
SanJapan Anime/Manga
Santa Rosa Toy Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
SC Comicon Comic/Gaming
Screw Attack Gaming Convention Comic/Gaming
Seishun-con Anime/Manga
Senshi-con Anime/Manga
Setsucon Anime/Manga
Shadocon Anime/Manga
SheVaCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Shikkaricon Anime/Manga
Shimakon Anime/Manga
ShinbokuCon Anime/Manga
Shiokazecon Anime/Manga
Shore Leave Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Shoujocon Anime/Manga
Shuto Con Anime/Manga
SiliCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
SITAcon Anime/Manga
SNAFU Con Anime/Manga
SoDak Anime Convention Anime/Manga
SOE Fan Faire Comic/Gaming
Sogen Con Anime/Manga
Sonicon Anime/Manga
Southwest Animation Conference & Expo Anime/Manga
Special Edition: NYC Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spooky Empire Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spring Anime Kaiju Experience Anime/Manga
SpringFest NY Anime/Manga
Star Trek Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Star Wars Celebration Sci-Fi/Fantasy
StarBase Indy Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Starfest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steamcon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steamposium Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steampunk Industrial Revolution Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steampunk World\'s Fair Sci-Fi/Fantasy
StellarCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Stockton-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Sugoicon Anime/Manga
Sugoku Con Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Anniston Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Athens Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Destin Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Mobile Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Auburn Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Birmingham Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Louisville Anime/Manga
Super Megafest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Super-con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Swampcon Anime/Manga
South America
Name Category
SANA Fest Anime/Manga
Superherocon Anime/Manga
Name Category
Salón del Manga Anime/Manga
Salón del Manga de Jerez Anime/Manga
Salon del Manga Tenerife Anime/Manga
Shumatsu Anime/Manga
Star Wars Celebration Europe Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Summer of Sonic Comic/Gaming
SVS Convention Anime/Manga
Name Category
Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) Comic/Gaming
Name Category
SMASH Anime/Manga
Supanova Anime/Manga
Name Category
Star Fest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
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Tokyo Game Show 2014 (3 Days Left)
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Convention List
Schedule for September 2014 (USA)
Midoricon 9/05 - 9/07
Kantaicon 9/06 - 9/06
Nan Desu Kan 9/12 - 9/14
Yaoi-con 9/12 - 9/14
Granite State Comicon 9/13 - 9/14
Anime Weekend Atlanta 9/26 - 9/28
Long Beach Comic Con 9/27 - 9/28
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Most Attended Cons for 2014
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  6. Sakura-con 2014 (94 Members)
  7. Anime Central 2014 (87 Members)
  8. Anime Boston 2014 (86 Members)
  9. Dragon*Con 2014 (84 Members)
  10. ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2014 (69 Members)