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The Internet is a wonderful thing - it has given birth to many technological and cultural innovations. One of the more recent popular trends has been "crowdfunding". Made popular by sites such as Kickstarter, the idea works on harnessing the millions of people out there to fund ideas and products that would normally be impossible to pull off without investors. Many awesome things have been achieved through crowdfunding, so why not apply it to cosplay? After all, we cosplayers and cosplayer photographers work hard on our projects. We contribute our blood, sweat, and tears, the fruits of our labor enjoyed by the masses. Our skills are priceless, so why should we let trivial things like money get in the way of perfecting our craft?

We here at American Cosplay Backer are here to help - by connecting fantastic cosplayers with the fans that would make their dreams come true. Cosplayers, ever wanted to make your dream costume, the one that would require authentic materials costing thousands of dollars? Photographers, have the PERFECT photoshoot in mind that happens to involve travelling halfway around the world? Through our site, find people that share in your dream, and with their combined efforts, make it happen!

American Cosplay Backer in 4 Easy Steps
  1. Log In and create a project on your Profile Page
  2. Set a funding goal and a deadline
  3. Donators pledge funds to your project. No money is exchanged unless the project meets its funding goal before the deadline
  4. After the deadline is over, ACParadise will withdraw the funds from the backers, and transfer it to you (minus 15%)

American Cosplay Backer - Because why pay for your hobby when you can get your fans to do it for you?

To Do List

American Cosplay Backer is still a very new site - we're still working out the logistics. We'll be adding more features in the coming weeks, including:

  1. Multiple Payment Options - Paypal will be the primary method, but we will expand to include Amazon Payments, Bitcoin. With the cosplay community, we will also implement a barter system - so if a project needs materials, and other cosplayers happen to have those materials, that can lower the project's funding costs dramatically!

  2. Social Media Monetization - We understand that for today's cosplayers, the only thing more important than money is social media relevance. So, using a number we calculate, known as Currency Rate of Adjusted Popularity, we can determine the monetary value of an FB Like, Twitter RT, and other social media actions. This monetary value can then be used as an equivalent to fund projects on our site.

  3. Featured Backers - ACParadise will also utilize its relationship with the anime and videogame industry to showcase ambitious projects to different clients. Who knows, your dream cosplay could be funded by the Japanese licensors of your series, a game company, or even Hollywood!

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